Pemby Cleanup

Keeping it clean.

One of the most important ways we can keep our adventure going is by leaving our glorious venue the way we found it — clean, majestic and beautiful.  Cleaning up our site started with the fans and continues through our staff. In the end, each and every one of us played a role in making PembyFest the most scenic and beautiful festival grounds in the world.

From the awesome fans to our talented staff, we all worked together to keep our grounds beautiful. Here’s how.

It started with you — Clean Up & Win Big!

pembysocleanTwitter via @CeaN_LtW my girlfriend and I leaving it so fresh and so clean 🙂 forever fresh !!!

Our cleanup effort started with you, our amazing fans.  We wanted to recognize your efforts by allowing you to win your way into next year’s PembyFest using the #PembySoClean hashtag!

We love our Volunteers!


300 volunteers worked over 4,800 hours to clean our grounds throughout the festival and the days following. To reward them, we hooked them up with free tickets (plus immense gratitude) for being such a massive part in keeping PembyFest beautiful!

Campground Ambassadors FTW!


This year, 22 campground ambassadors set up in each of our campgrounds and passed out over 20,000 trash bags to encourage campers to keep their campsites clean.  Amazing prizes (like free shower tokens, free zip line rides and discounted merch) were given out to over 240 campers who kept their campsites the cleanest. 

Calling in the Pros

Attach20661_20160722_183516Our cleanup SWAT team: Over 1,700 trash and recycling receptacles were distributed and emptied regularly.

To make sure our festival site remained beautiful, we called upon our friends (and festival cleaning ninjas!) at Clean Vibes. They spent a full month at the festival, bringing in over 60 core staff, 300 volunteers and 50 workers from the Lil’Wat community to oversee the cleanup efforts daily.

Verdict: Spick and Span in under 3 days!


With the help of our amazing clean-up team at Clean Vibes, our volunteers, our Campground Ambassadors, and our incredible fans, we were able to clean up our campgrounds in under 3 days.  Great job, everyone!